You don't have to compromise on
taste in order to cut carbs.
Wars; Sugar Is The New Fat
filled with over 370 low-carb
recipes that let you indulge your
cravings while still maintaining a
healthful lifestyle.

Who would have thought that
pecan pie, chocolate cake,
cornbread, and peanut butter
fudge could be part of a weight
loss diet? This is food too good to
resist and now you don't have to!
The science is clear—controlling
insulin is the key to health and
metabolic balance, and controlled-
carbohydrate diets are the natural
way to control insulin. The menus in
Nourished will promote effortless
weight loss without hunger or
deprivation. A full day of delicious
meals provides a total of 20 to 50
grams of digestible carbohydrates.
Substantial scientific evidence
indicates that this range keeps
insulin levels low enough to provide
a metabolic advantage for weight
loss, ...
Except where noted, all of the photographs featured on this site were taken by me, usually in my own kitchen, of freshly prepared dishes.
The exception being any pictures that show me or hands; the hands are mine and my husband will have been the one to press the button
for those shots.

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Welcome to my Website. This site is dedicated to the low-carb lifestyle and it supports and expands on the
information found in
Carb Wars; Sugar is the New Fat and Nourished; a Cookbook for Health, Weight Loss, and
Metabolic Balance

Here you will find photographs and sample recipes from both books and video demonstrations, as well as a link to
my blog and to other low-carb sites that you may find helpful. Descriptions of my books, reviews, and ordering
information are featured on the book pages, below.

You are invited to contact me with questions, comments, and hints that you may wish to share.

What I set out to do when I wrote
Carb Wars was to make healthful food that required no sacrifice. I wanted to make
meals that were as sumptuous and varied as if I had my choice of all the ingredients the world had to offer. I
re-created all my favorite foods; you may find many of yours here too.

Nourished goes a step further and reduces the sugar and starch content even lower, making it appropriate for those
who have or wish to prevent  metabolic disorders. It is written in a menu format.  The 52 menus of delicious meals
are designed to provide a total of 20 to 50 grams of digestible carbohydrates per day, the range at which most people
switch from burning sugar and storing fat to using fat for fuel.
This website is intended to serve as a guide to great-tasting, low-carbohydrate cooking.  The author is neither a physician nor a
nutritionist.  None of the content of this site is intended to treat any disease or medical condition.  If you believe you have a health problem,
consult your physician.  Information on this site is believed to be accurate, but is solely informational and educational and is in no way
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